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ESPN Return Man 2

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ESPN Return Man 2 is an exciting and fun American based football game. The objective of the game is to reach the yellow circle in time to catch the ball, run down the field and make it to the end zone by dodging past the defenders of the opponent team. If the player gets tackled and don’t reach the end zone, he will loose possession and will have to try that level over again.

Stages and Levels: There are total 15 stages in ESPN Return Man 2. In each stage there are a number of levels to complete. A player has to complete all the levels to unlock the next stage. For instance, two levels in stage 1, three in stage 2 and so on.

Controls: The basic controls of ESPN Return Man 2 are as follows below.
-To Run Forward – press “I”
-To Run Backwards – press “K”
-To Run Right – press “L”
-To Run Left – press “J”
-To Mute the Sound – press “M”
-To Continue Playing – press the “Spacebar”

Extra controls:
-To activate the Spin special move (Unlocks at Stage 2) – press “A”
-To activate the Speed Burst (Afterburner) special move (Unlocks at Stage 4) – press “S”
-To activate the Front Flip special move (Unlocks at Stage 6) – press “D”

Useful Tips:
-Grab the Power-up booster which has a lightning symbol on it to rush past the defenders.
-Player must use his special abilities wisely.

Remember one thing while playing ESPN Return Man 2 – In each Stage a player will have 4 possessions. If he loses all the four possessions his game will end. However, all of his progress will be saved automatically. Thus the player can replay the previously completed stage and carry on.

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